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Soldering systems

We have developed and produced fast, flexible, affordable and efficient solutions for soldering systems for more than 30 years with the latest 3D CAD/CAM systems, a comprehensive selection or CNC machines and a very high quality standard.

We also offer you the appropriate process solution and service for soldering applications:

  • Universal soldering frames
  • Soldering mask material
  • Aluminium base frames with handles
  • Soldering masks made of titanium, aluminium or GRP
  • Cover plates for circuit boards made of titanium, aluminium or GRP
  • Hold-down systems
  • Universal rotary disc
  • Cable fixing
  • Hand soldering fixture
  • Carrier systems for flex circuit boards

Workpiece carriers

Based on our extensive experience, we design workpiece carriers for a wide range of sectors for the precisely fitting acceptance of components as a basic requirement for automated production on state-of-the-art production lines. Whether in titanium, aluminium or GRP, we produce exclusively according to customer specifications and requirements, because it is the only way to achieve optimal positioning of components in the workpiece carrier and thus high repeat accuracy in the automated process - regardless of the size, shape or weight of the components.

Areas of application include workpiece carriers and load carriers for fitting, soldering, testing, separation, potting, washing and mounting.

Mit langjähriger Erfahrung konzipieren wir Werkstückträger für die verschiedensten Branchen

Painting carriers

The painting frames are manufactured specifically to each product for the painting of assemblies on one or both sides. Optimal results are achieved with selective fixing. We offer universal carriers and product-specific carriers made from a wide range of materials and, if desired, with specific coatings. This can be advantageous for cleaning purposes, etc.


Separating devices

Our service spectrum also includes the production of separating fixtures for demanding quality requirements, particularly in regard to precision, flexibility and performance - our claim is high separating precision and minimal mechanical stress in order to prevent damage circuit paths, components and soldered connections. Our fixtures are equipped with a hold-down system and an optional lift-out plate.

Our fixtures are optimised according to each customer situation, for instance, in order to guarantee better extraction or to reduce the weight of the carrier.

Our portfolio also includes a quick-change system. This saves on costs and enables easier and faster changes of circuit board carriers.

  • Milling cutter separating fixtures
  • Saw separating fixtures

Testing fixtures

An additional area of our activities is the design and construction of measuring and testing fixtures for individual and serial control of various parts.

  • Test adapter
  • Testing fixture
  • Approval fixture

Tool and mould construction

The design, execution and quality of tools and fixtures differ in regard to precision, service life, efficiency and thus the success of serial products. We offer a wide range of solutions from a single source, as well as advice for your part production and projects:

  • Hot melt moulds
  • Assembly fixture
  • Punch tools
  • Bending devices
  • Shearing devices
  • ESD work stations
  • Hot caulking devices


Precision for devices used in electronic processes is a major influence on the quality of the finished product. As early as during manufacture it is essential to receive the most precise information possible about the individual manufacturing steps and the accuracy of the parts. We offer measurements including measurement records for our products and for parts from outside suppliers. Contact us – we would be happy to advise you.

Our facilities include tactile and optical measuring equipment.

Measuring range 1050 x 1050 x 400 mm

Accuracy E2xy 5.2 + L/150 μm

Accuracy E1z 3.8 + L/100 μm

0.1 μm scale resolution

High resolution image processing with a colour camera and motorised zoom 36:1; 12x optically and 3x digitally

Laser technology

Product traceability and process monitoring are becoming ever more important. We offer laser engraving for QR codes, data matrix codes and other marking for your products to create transparency.


Thanks to close collaboration with our partners and constant development of our processes we can offer suitable and effective cleaning agents for our products. These include, for instance, solutions for cleaning nozzles as well as flux removers.

We look forward to your enquiries and would be happy to answer your questions at any time.


Customer assistance is very important to us. Our comprehensive service offer includes planning and joint development of fixtures in the widest range of applications.

We offer products and services related to the process. From nitrogen generators to user-specific small soldering systems and delivery of missing accessories and repair of products.

With our 48 hour service on request, we offer our customers fast and competent support - especially when the situation is urgent and every lost minute costs money.

Contact us. We look forward to your enquiry!

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