Separating devices

Our services also include the production of separating devices (milling separating devices and sawing separating devices).

We ensure the fixation and protection of the PCB as well as high quality requirements, especially with regard to precision, flexibility and performance.

Our claim is a high separation accuracy and minimal mechanical stress to prevent damage to tracks, components or solder joints. Our fixtures are equipped with a hold-down system and optionally with a lift-out plate. The lift-out plate simplifies the removal of the separated single PCBs as well as the edge of the panel.

Our devices are optimised according to the customer's situation, for example to ensure better suction or to reduce the weight of the holder.

Our portfolio also offers you a quick-change system. This enables you to save costs and to change the PCB fixtures more easily and quickly.

Our separators are available for all common machine types.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.