automatisches Zuführen der Fügepartner in einem Warenträger mit Bauteilaufnahme

Plant engineering

In the field of automation, we develop and manufacture suitable devices and systems for our customers, exactly according to the customer's ideas and the desired degree of automation.

Examples of this include:

  • Rotary transfer machines
  • Hot stamping machines
  • Devices for robot assembly

The first picture shows the process of hot staking (hot riveting, hot stamp riveting) in a simple form.

Picture 2 shows a small plant with a rotary table (advantage: no idle running and shorter cycle times).

Thermal forming of plastics, especially thermoplastics, is a process by which, for example, a plastic pin protruding through a hole in a printed circuit board is formed into a "rivet head" using a heated tool, thus creating a force-fit connection.

This involves the following process steps:

  • Manual or automatic feeding of the joining partners in a product carrier with component holder.
  • Retracting the product carrier for the hot caulking process.
  • Customer-specific, heated hot caulking head is moved onto the product.
  • Hot staking of one or more pins in one step.
  • The hot caulking head is moved back to its starting position.
  • The processed component is moved out of the hot caulking station.
  • The result: perfectly form-fitting hot-stamped parts (from printed circuit boards to housing parts) and visually appealing formed plastic domes.

An extension of this example can be a hot caulking system with a rotary indexing table.

We, the company Leutz Lötsysteme, realise all desired production steps.

From the conception and realisation of the component fixtures, the creation of a control circuit for the system, to the use of complex multiple hot staking heads (e.g. staking tasks of 10 or more simultaneous forming processes). The hot staking heads used can be changed.

In addition, it is also possible to link several process steps, e.g. testing of the electronics, labelling of the components, or e.g. optical inspection of the staking result.

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