Soldering systems

From simple applications with a surrounding contact surface to complex layouts with the masking of SMD components on the underside of the PCB, everything can be realised. We support technically complex PCBs with custom-made titanium inserts. Each product aims at an optimal soldering result for our customers.

All systems can be produced in single piece production as well as small or large series production. Our employees will be happy to help you on the phone, in video conferences or directly on site to realise your project in the best possible way.

Product fields in the field of soldering systems:

Universal soldering frame

We offer universal soldering frames for both wave and selective soldering. These are optimally suited for prototype production, for small series, but also for repairs. Fast and flexible handling is important here.

Different PCBs can be fixed and processed. With our optional hold-down ring, you can also hold down desired components.

Soldering frames for wave and selective soldering systems

We create our solder frames and solder masks individually based on data and/or samples of the PCB. In this way, you receive a product from us that is optimally tailored to your needs.

If required, the carriers can be equipped with special cover plates made of titanium or GRP.

On request, we can supply you with precisely fitting hold-down and alignment systems for your soldering frame and soldering mask for the PCB as well as for the pressure or alignment of components. The correct assembly can be checked via a PokaYoke system by height and component scanning.

Cable fixings

We also offer systems for cable management. For example, cable guides or cable shafts can be integrated on the soldering frames so that the cables run safely through the soldering process. The fixation is taken up by the wire or the insulation (with defined distance insulation to PCB). The insulation is not damaged by this. The contour of the cable is supported and a defined placement of the cables is made possible.

Support systems for the soldering process

We are also happy to offer you product carriers for your complete process. Starting with paste printing and assembly through to reflow or vapour phase soldering. Even double-sided assembly is possible with our carriers (shielding of the components during the second pass).

We can also offer you different carrier systems for flex PCBs.

The flex PCBs are aligned and clamped. Depending on the application, assembled components are shielded. If possible, a lot is left open for good heat transfer.

With our systems, component fixation is also ensured.

For quick, easy and optimal handling, we are happy to offer you a loading and final loading station.

Hand soldering devices

We can also offer you different solutions in the field of manual soldering.

In most cases the PCB is masked, this makes finding the solder joint very easy.

Our hand soldering devices are also ergonomically aligned for good handling. In addition, a folding mechanism is offered if required, as well as a hold-down system for the components.

Robot Mounting

We are happy to offer you system-specific fixtures.

Our fixtures allow very precise PCB fixation and positioning.